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The African Queen series

Queen Nefertiti

The powerful Queen Nefertiti of Egypt

Queen Mmanthatisi (1781-1836)

Commander of the Batlokoa (The Wild Cat People) of Southern Africa

Nandi Ndlovukazi kaBhebe

Of the eLangeni, Queen Mother of the Zulus


Uhuru Press and Real African Books have teamed up to establish an entity – Real African Foundation –  that will publish and distribute a series of books and other merchandise which will focus on Ancient Civilisations of Africa, Its Queens & Kings and Dynasties, Its Traditions & Culture, It’s People, Historical Sites, and Its Food.

Seven Amazing African Queens & Great Queens and Kings of AFrica

Volume one of 100 GREAT AFRICAN KINGS AND QUEENS chronicles the amazing exploits of 10 extraordinary monarchs of the African continent.
Spanning over 4000 years they range from Makeda, the magnificent Queen of Sheba, to the fearsome King Shaka of the Zulus.
There is the famous last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra V11 of Egypt, and there is the richest man who ever lived, Emperor Mansa Musa of Mali.
Khufu of Egypt’s pyramid of Giza continues to confound scientists, while the warrior Queen Yaa Asantewaa shames men.
These extraordinary representatives of a massive African and World civilization celebrate a shared humanity without borders.
The story of each is skillfully crafted to make it as readable as a fine thriller, teachable, and enjoyable. Subsequent volumes comprising 90 more Monarchs will complete this fascinating narrative of the greatest African Kings and Queens.

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The books are R160,00 each which excludes delivery service which is R33,00 for registered mail and around R60,00 for courier service.

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Have you Seen Justice?

President Mandela arrives in heaven to find an ancestral gathering awaiting him. All his ancestors are there and he’s in for a grilling as they ask him about his achievements on earth.
They challenge him on the developments in the country – the health system, the education system, the Constitution, the judiciary – on which point they ask about Justice – the brother with whom Mandela escaped the rural lifestyle for the lights – Gauteng, Maboneng.
Mandela thinks the brother was called by the ancestors while he was in jail but they say he hadnt crossed over to them. They send him back to look for Justice.
Brilliantly written by an astute writer – a lover of history, an advocate by profession, Ghanaian-born Kobina Pusch Commey personifies and plays on the word Justice in the most factual way but his sense of humour is not lost in the book.
Mandela returns to earth and visits places of historical and political significance and he asks: “Have you seen Justice?” and everywhere he goes, the answer is the same: “There is NO justice here”.

You can own this book!

The Second Coming of Madiba Mandela: Have you seen Justice? is R160,00 which excludes delivery service which is R33,00 for registered mail and around R60,00 for courier service. 

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